Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Who will be at our event?


You will know in advance and be able to meet the leader of your team and who they will be bringing to your event. Our teams typically consist of the following: a wedding has a 3 man team including your emcee and 2 assistants, a wedding cinematography event has a 3 man team including 2 camera men and an assistant, a gaming event has a 2-5 man team depending on size.  Other teams will depend on services required and will be discussed with client as needed.

Q? Do you offer a written contract?


YES... The written contract is a foundational piece to a successfull event.  It identifies to both you our client and us Heavy G Productions the event details and claifies any questions.  We will not do business without a written contract. Our contract is strait forward and is one of the final steps in hiring Heavy G Productions for your event.

Q? Are you insured?


YES, Make sure that whoever does your event has a general liability policy.  We have a general liability policy for $1,000,000.00 and aggregate policy of 2,000,000.00.

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