These are the most important occasions in our lives.  Whether it be planning your wedding or helping to make arrangements for a loved ones 50th anniversary. It is our mission to see your vision become a successful reality to you, your family and your friends.

We specialize in taking your uniqueness and our creativity and incorporating both into your event. From creative aspects, such as bridal party introductions and customized special dances all the way to a spectacular grand exit, this day will speak “you” all through out.

Many clients have asked how a “typical” wedding ceremony flows... I explain as listed below and without fail they say “but I don’t want a typical wedding”.  With that being said, try thinking of ideas of past weddings you’ve seen or maybe something special in a movie you want to discuss.  Take every opportunity to make your wedding special to you and your guest and don’t worry about having a “typical” wedding, there is nothing “typical” about a lifelong commitment with your best friend! 

“TYPICAL WEDDING CEREMONY”  written by Gary Lankford
Pre-ceremony music plays while guests arrive, followed by the seating of the grandmothers.  The mothers enter with their escorts and light the family candles, used later in the unity candle ceremony.  The Officiate finds his place accompanied along side the groom.  The wedding party follows to a special song trailed by the ring bearer and flower girl who is laying a path of beautiful flowers to the alter for the bride.  The crowd arising in anticipation as the bridal precessional starts to play...The doors open and in comes a beautiful escorted bride, the groom has been waiting to see her all day, she slowly walks down the aisle, the groom starts to cry while everyone is looking towards his future bride.  She has never looked so beautiful.  The Officiate gives the sign to be seated as the music fades in the background.  The bride is given to her groom and he receives her with an open hand.  They look at each other like they’ve never looked at each other before. They listen to the Officiate explain why God created marriage and how they are to treat one another, they exchange vows and together light their unity candle to a special song.  The Officiate finishes the message and gives the go-ahead for the much awaited kiss.  He’s been waiting for this moment, everyone is looking, he takes her in his arm and... magic, everyone claps and laughs, they did it!  They are announced - the "new" Mr. and Mrs.- all of the family and friends applaud.  They walk down the aisle together and their bridal party follows...   And finally, the Officiate gives a few minor details about the reception to follow...